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International Selected Engagements


Control Data Corporation:  General counsel for division in Washington State; negotiated telecommunications contracts for backbone services and computer services contracts; represented company and negotiated agreements in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other republics of former Soviet Union; advised on software development and related issues in Russia.


Construction and Industrial Equipment and Services: General counsel for group of nine related US and Russian companies; structure companies and agreements for operations in various regions of Russia, advise regarding tax, customs, licensing, registration, banking, contract and regulatory matters; advise on related company operations and requirements to provide products and services under Production Sharing Agreements.


Manufacturing - Podolsk, Moscow Region:  Represented successfully privatized, vertically integrated Russian manufacturing enterprise with 18,000 employees and affiliated companies throughout the former Soviet Union.


Russian Operations and Employment: Advise on choice of entity, employment and representation agreements with US and Russian citizens, visas, work permits, individual and company registration, taxation of Russian and expatriate employees.


US - USSR Energy Exchanges: Represented private sector in series of exchanges between the Bonneville Power Administration, the Northwest Power Planning Council and energy and power engineering institutes in Russia, Belarus and Georgia. 


Aluminum Industry:  Represented aluminum company on energy development and related matters in the United States, and on issues involving the metals industry in the former Soviet Union. 


Utilities, Manufacturing - Moscow: Represented successfully privatized open stock company responsible for water and irrigation systems in the former Soviet Union.


Energy Development, Conservation and Nuclear Safety – Belarus and Ukraine: Advise public and private clients regarding business structure, tax, technology transfer, environmental liability and project development matters.


Energy Development - Siberia and Russian Far East:  Conferences and client representation on energy development, transmission and related issues in Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok.


Port Development - Liepaja, Latvia: Advised regarding conversion of naval port to commercial operations and upgrade of associated railway link; assisted Latvian government in preparation of development finance request. 


Rural Development Institute - Seattle, Washington: 40 years experience in the field of democratic land reform, including 25 years on the RDI Board; RDI has provided assistance in 45 countries, including China, India, Russia and other republics of the former Soviet Union in the area of agrarian reform and related support mechanisms.


Project Development and Financing in the CIS: Frequent speaker at conferences in the CIS and US on project development, financing and legal issues in republics of the former Soviet Union.


Trading Companies:  Represent Russian and American trading companies in corporate, banking and transactional matters.


Agribusiness, Flour Mills: Represented major mill in expanding export markets and establishing long-term business relationships in regions of the Russian Far East.


Securities and Finance - Vladivostok: Represented securities firm and related companies in structuring Russian and Western investment transactions. 


Fishing Industry - Russian Far East: Represent Japanese, American and Russian vessel owners and fishing companies on contract, permitting, flagging and operational matters.


Maritime:  Advise shipping and marine transportation companies regarding Russian market expansion, business structure, vessel registration and permitting, vessel leasing, taxes and customs.


Russian American Pacific Partnership (formerly US-Russia Bilateral Commission Working Group):  Served as American Co-chair of Fisheries, Legal and Economic Committees.


Shipping in the Russian Exclusive Economic Zone: Advise on permitting and operational issues for Russian-flagged and foreign-flagged vessels in the Russian Exclusive Economic Zone; coordinate with foreign counsel in multinational litigation (Russia, Japan and US) arising from vessel arrest and cargo confiscation.


Construction – Magadan: Advised regarding construction project, business structure and contract negotiations for Russian operations, Moscow representative office and Russian construction licensing; drafted corporate, construction and related documents.


Marine Transportation, Port Development: Advise regarding joint venture, leases and property rights, business structure and contract matters for port development at Kholmsk and Korsakov, Sakhalin region.


Airport Development - Kamchatka: Advised regarding preparation of the Elizovo/Pushino Airport System Business Plan for the Kamchatka Administration.


Sakhalin Oil and Gas Development: Advise US and Russian companies regarding business structure and joint-venture operations necessary to qualify for work under production sharing agreements and related matters; draft foundation agreements and contracts to comply with registration and procurement requirements under Russian law. 


Russian Fishing Companies: Represent fishing companies, vessel owners, kolkhozes and shipping companies in business formation, leasing, insurance matters, contracting, commercial disputes, and as creditors in US bankruptcy proceedings.


Architecture and Engineering: Represent architectural and engineering firms on Russian construction projects, business development, licensing and registration.


Sakhalin Region: Legal and tax analysis for a Sakhalin development corporation to finance infrastructure projects. 


Agribusiness:   Advise multinational clients on business formation, acquisitions, equipment financing, contract and litigation matters in the Russian Far East. 


Nonprofit Organizations: Advise on status, formation and regulation of Russian nonprofit organizations, and on equivalency to US tax exempt organizations; advise on registration, banking, customs and regulatory issues; provide on-going assistance with humanitarian projects.


Corporate Governance and Rule of Law:  Steering committee for Rule of Law projects on issues of judicial and legal reform; participated in workshops with Russian arbitrazh and civil court judges; presented workshops and lectures on corporate governance to CEOs and government officials in Georgia and various regions of Russia.


Forest Products Industry: Advised U.S. forest products company on business structure, financing and contract issues in connection with building and equipping a plywood mill in the Urals. Drafted supply, equipment sale, consulting, stock purchase and warrant agreements.


Coal Processing: Advised U.S. coal company on establishing Russian company, construction licensing, contract matters and employment in connection with building and operating coal-processing facilities in Siberia.  Drafted construction, equipment supply, offshore services, guarantee, umbrella and operating agreements.


Nuclear Medicine:  Advised on reorganization of Russian company to privatize production of radioactive isotopes and produce medical devices to treat cancer; drafted charter, foundation, supply and distributor agreements.


Domestic Selected Engagements


Energy Facilities, Financing and Acquisition:  Authored opinion letters regarding long-term power purchase agreements in connection with acquisition and operation of smelters and industrial facilities.


Industrial Power Purchasing: Negotiated and managed major power purchase contracts and related agreements for smelters and industrial facilities; advised on power generation and transmission issues. 


Legislation:  Drafted legislation and led successful efforts to improve government operations and assist economic development in areas of business regulation, taxation, credit, government procurement, liability, insurance, transportation and energy.


Consulting Engineers Council of Washington:  General Counsel; responsible for government procurement, professional liability and regulatory matters.


Power Generation Facility, Cogeneration: Counsel for gas fired combined cycle electric generating facility; project counsel for planned waste to energy project. 


Cellular Communications: Responsible for deregulation of cellular telephone industry in Washington State.


Washington State Convention and Trade Center - Seattle, Washington:  Represented public corporation regarding authority, funding and related public/private issues.


Regulatory Reform: Co-chaired series of public/private sector hearings to develop comprehensive regulatory reform legislation for Washington State; drafted legislation to provide for efficient attainment of public policy objectives while avoiding jurisdictional conflicts and imposition of unnecessary burdens on the public.


Telecommunications and Computer Services:  Negotiated statewide and interstate contracts to provide integrated telecommunications and data communication services.



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